About The society

A student-run membership body dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, awareness and comprehension of the Psychological Sciences. This is achieved through social gatherings, guest speakers, study groups and information sharing.

The Committee

President: Darren Shaw

Treasurer: Diana Harary

Chairman: Zander


Help Birkbeck students get the most out of their time at university by represent their concerns and stimulating passion for all areas of the psychological sciences


Members of the society benefit from:

  • FREE access to events featuring specialists from various fields within the psychological sciences
  • Being part of a group of like-minded others
  • Access to a wealth of past and current research, study tips and resources

To become a member, email psychbirkbeck@gmail.com and enquire now!

What we do



  • Attendees donate funds to support
  • Place for solving statistics and Research Methods problems
In conversation with..
Speakers that work in the field of psychology come to speak with members about what it’s like having a career as a professional and discuss the potential paths that can be taken to get there.

Study groups

  • Students gather together to share knowledge on a pre-determined subject.
Why not join us for field trips to seek adventure as we explore the world around us and look for experiences that further our knowledge of the Psychological Sciences


In the past year we have held events which speakers talked to members about various facets of psychology. We have had professionals come in and speak to members about the work that they do in their fields. We have organised social gatherings for students that wish to get to know others in the same course. We also trialled the idea of staging study groups for students. We did this with psychology students, meeting up and working in small teams on problems that needed be solved as a unit.


We’rea student-run membership body with a passion for the Psychological Sciences.To become a member, email psychbirkbeck@gmail.com



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