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For people who want to get firsts for their degree…
Here are the rules for writing your essays and reports:
Argument and Understanding
• Does the answer cover all aspects of the question?
• Does the argument have a clear and logical sequence?
• Is the material accurate?
• Does the essay cover both theories and evidence?
• Are theories and assertions backed up by evidence, or are these two aspects left unconnected?
• Does the student evidence use of material from his/her reading of sources?
• Does the student create original points using their own argument?
• Does the answer address the question set without diverging from the topic?
Critical Engagement
• Has the student synthesized the arguments well?
• Does the answer refer to key and contemporary debates in the area relevant to the essay question?
• How extensive is the bibliography?
• Are theories and evidence simply stated or are the merits and problems of each considered in appropriate depth?
Writing style and referencing
• Is the essay presented well with a clear introduction, paragraphing and conclusion?
• Does the essay answer the question within the given word-limit?
• Is the essay written in clear academic English, using appropriate terms?
• Does the student use colloquialisms and meaningless jargon rather than a formal academic style?
• Does the essay have a correctly referenced bibliography?
• Does the essay show correct referencing throughout?

via Psychsociety: The UK’s leading community for Psychology Students and Alumni

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