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About the society

One cold day in autumn of 2011, a new student went along to the induction week at Birkbeck University. On asking about various clubs and societies available, the student found that there was no society for students interested in psychology.

The student approached the Student Union and began a whirlwind ride of creation of dreams of envisioned events, trips and activities to enrich fellow students within the Birkbeck Campus.

Fast forward to present day and the Psychology & Self-Development society has grown to have a committee of four dedicated officers. We organise events aimed at “Helping all students of Birkbeck College to enrich their comprehension and passion for all areas of psychology and psychological therapies.”. We also organise trips to places that might be of interest to psychology students.

The full team

Darren Shaw-President

Responsibilities include:

  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Events planning and management
  • Eating society cakes

Diana Harary-Treasurer

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining society accounts
  • Accurately keeping membership records
  • Working alongside Darren Shaw to plan and manage events

Alexander P-Chairman

Responsibilities include:

  • Chairing society meetings
  • Assisting with stakeholder communications
  • Membership recruitment
  • Human Resources

Laura Fernando – Apprentice Business manager

  • Strategic management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Innovation and design management
  • Customer service


Help to enrich their comprehension and passion for all areas of psychology and psychological therapies.


Inspire and enthuse everyone’s passion for the psychological sciences

The society is a subsidiary of the Birkbeck Student Union which is a registered charity independent of the University of London.


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